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Product View: Advanced Mapping Options
Product View: Advanced Mapping Options
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Product View: Advanced Mapping Options

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As you set up your Product Views the standard is the Visual Element Picker. If the Visual Element Picker is not sufficient t you have the option to choose other sources.

While the Visual Elements Picker is useful for collecting details about the page on your website, like the name of the product, using other Sources allow you to collect data related to that visit that is not explicit in your website's design.

1. Expand the Source drop-down menu and choose the source of the hidden element.

Hidden Elements can be set up via different sources:

  • Cookies: The cookies you collect when a visitor browses your website. For example, a cookie for visitors who are logged in.

  • Local Storage: An item stored in visitors' browsers when they browse your page.

  • Meta-tags: The meta tags available in your website's code.

  • Hidden inputs: A CSS selector that is either difficult to target exactly, or hidden from the page while it's covered, or behind other elements.

  • Javascript variables: The name of a Javascript variable present in the page your visitor is in.

  • Static Value: A static value on the website.

2. Enter the final details of the element. For Example, if your source is Cookies, select a Cookie from the drop-down menu. The Preview field will be automatically filled with the Cookie ID.

3. When finished, click Add to add the element, or Cancel to cancel without saving.

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