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About Pop-up Blockers
About Pop-up Blockers
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About Pop-up Blockers

Most web browsers come equipped with built in pop-up blockers to block nuisance content that can ruin a user's browsing experience. These mostly take the form of advertisements, but could also be cookies and other types tracking, or anything that isn't related to the browsing experience.

Pop-up blockers vary in what type of content they block, depending on whether the pop-up is determined to be intrusive or dangerous. Some especially stringent blockers have to be manually disabled by the browser if a legitimate website requires the visitor to fill in a pop-up form.

Should I be worried about pop-up blockers blocking my APSIS One activities?

APSIS One Forms and Sign-up bars are generated by a well-regarded and trusted provider, and it is unlikely that they will be blocked by most pop-up blockers.
However, there is always a chance that it may be blocked, but this depends on the blocker.

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