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Drupal: Initial Setup & Module Settings
Drupal: Initial Setup & Module Settings
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Initial Setup & Module Settings

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Connect the Module

1. After adding the Connector Module to Drupal, navigate to the Integrations menu in APSIS One, find Drupal and click Connect.

This generates the necessary client credentials to operate the connection.

2. In a new tab, navigate to Configuration > APSIS One in your Drupal environment. Paste the client credentials into their corresponding fields in Drupal.

3. Remember to Save.

Module Settings

You access the module settings by navigating to Configuration > APSIS One in your Drupal environment.

There are two settings available for configuration here.

APSIS One segmentation view mode

This setting lets you choose whether you want Segments displayed as a list of checkboxes or as a searchable dropdown.

If you have more than 5 segments it's recommended that you choose the dropdown, and if you have 5 or less, choose the checkboxes.

This is purely an aesthetic option within Drupal and you can change it whenever you want.


If this box is checked, all segment evaluations are cached as per the cache settings in your Drupal environment. If left unchecked, segment evaluations are not cached. This leads to higher precision but more outgoing API calls from the Sitecore environment.

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