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About the Drupal Integration
About the Drupal Integration
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About the Drupal Integration

The Drupal Connector enables Drupal editors to use Segments created in Audience for personalisation rules in Drupal. Transfer Segments automatically to Drupal and use them in combination with other Drupal conditions.

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Connect to Drupal

The Connector Module is integrated into the Drupal Rules engine, so it is possible to leverage the standard functionality, including combined rules.


To make use of CMS Integration features, your APSIS One user should have an admin role.

For administering the connector and personalization, your Drupal user should have the admin role or any custom user role with permissions to add/create/edit blocks/nodes.

The Drupal module requires no modules outside of Drupal core and supports Drupal 8.

Setting up the Connection

You will need an Administrator role in order to administer the connector and synchronisation amd you'll need a WebAdmin role to set up the plugin.

1. Install Drupal from an installation file from your APSIS One account manager.

2. Set up in Drupal.

3. Set up a Ressource and Rule for personalisation.

To get started go to the Drupal Module Overview and follow the steps from there.

About Drupal

"Welcome to a new generation of Drupal. Its a digital experience platform that knows your web content must reach more than just websites. Built so you can deliver the right content to the right person at the right time - on the right device."

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