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Visitor Groups

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Create and Manage Visitor Groups

You can tailor or personalise the content of your website for specific visitors (Profiles) by creating visitor groups in Optimizely.

To manage visitor groups on the Optimizely plugin, you'll need a WebEditor role.

In the Optimizely plugin, visitor groups are made with Segments, created with the Segment Builder in Audience. Read more about Segmentation.

You can match a visitor group to one or more Segments. Head over to the Visitor Groups tab in Optimizely to begin.


1. On the right side, under APSIS One Segment Criteria, drag and drop the Segment element into the Criteria row.


2. Choose a match type:

Match Any: The visitor's Profile must match at least one of the chosen Segments.

Match All: The visitor's Profile must match all the chosen Segments.

Note: Choosing all or any when working with Segments will interact with the included and/or excluded conditions in your Segment.


4. Select the segment(s) you wish to add as a Segment Criteria.


3. You may continue to add as many Segment Criterion as needed by repeating the process described above.

Pay close attention to the match type on the top right, which will affect the way the Segments relate with each other and ultimately the content shown on your website for different Profiles.


4. When done, click Save.

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