Optimizely: Installation & Setup


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Installation & Setup

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Install the Apsis.One.Episerver NuGet package and follow the instructions in the installation setup. Your APSIS Account Manager will provide you with an installation file.


Once the installation of the Optmizely plugin is complete, a new tool will be available in the Optmizely Admin mode.

To access this page, make sure that your user has a WebAdmin role.

1. Head to the Admin tab in your Episerver account.


2. Click on APSIS One Settings in the Tools menu, on the left.


3. Enter your details to integrate Episerver:

Enable: Enable or disable the APSIS One plugin. Check the box to continue.

API URI*: The base API address. Must be a valid URI. Enter the domain name: https://api.apsis.one/

Client ID*: Your API Client Id.

Client Secret*: Your API Client Secret.

Timeout*: Timeout for API requests in milliseconds. Limited by range [1;600000]. Use a reasonable timeout value.

API request limit: Set the upper bound of the API calls amount per second (250 maximum).

Cookie Name*: The cookie name that contains APSIS One Profile Key.

Time Zone: The time zone to use with APSIS API calls.

All items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.


4. Click Save.

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