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About Cookie Compliance Services
About Cookie Compliance Services
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About Cookie Compliance Services

(CookieBot, Cookie Pro, etc.)

Cookie compliance services are easy, out-of-the-box solutions that help ensure a website's cookies are used in a way that is compliant with data protection law.

Typically, these services have 3 components:

  1. A cookie checker that detects the cookies that your website uses and categorizes them as either essential, marketing or uncategorized (if the scanner cannot elicit what the cookie is used for).

  2. A cookie banner generated by the service in order to provide fine-grained control to visitors over each cookie in the website.

  3. A consent database where the website's visitors consent choices are stored.

When working with these services, users would start by scanning their website to get a list of all cookies detected organized according to their categories. Afterwards, users must manually categorize uncategorized cookies.

The Cookie Compliance Service then generates a cookie consent notice with options for each category of cookies, allowing visitors to decide which types of cookies they agree with.

After the visitor makes a choice regarding cookie consent, the service automatically blocks cookies that don't correspond with the visitor's choices, as well as any scripts related to their cookie consent choice, including third-party cookies.

How does this work with APSIS One?

You can connect Cookie Compliance Services with APSIS One, as they're fully supported. The benefits of using these services depend on your business, and will require an implementation cost and effort on your side.

To begin, follow the instructions in this article, which explains how you can connect your own cookie banner to your APSIS One Section.

Please refer to your own development team in order to make sure your cookie banner is paired with the APSIS One Tracking Script.

Once you connect your Cookie Compliance Service's cookie banner with your APSIS One Section, it will start collecting browsing data when visitors provide consent.

About Cookie Categorization

Have in mind that cookie categorization depends on which specific service you choose. When you look through the cookies detected by the service, we suggest that you make sure that APSIS One cookies are listed as marketing, analytics or personalization and not as advertising.

EU GDPR requires transparency as to data collection purposes, and advertising is not an accurate classification for APSIS One cookies. APSIS One collects data that helps users understand their visitors, subscribers, prospects and customers' browsing behavior in order to personalize their brand's experience and customer journey.

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