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Converting Unknown website visitors to Known Profiles
Converting Unknown website visitors to Known Profiles

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Converting Unknown website visitors to Known Profiles

By converting Unknown Profiles to Known you will be able to use all the interactions a visitor has with your website to target the Known Profiles with even more personalized and relevant communication.

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How it works

Unknown Profiles can be converted to Known as they opt-in to your communications and confirm their online identity by returning to your website.

Ideally, Unknown Profiles become Known as you create more opportunities for visitors to sign up to your Email or SMS communications in your website and bring them back from an Email or SMS.

In short - When an Unknown Profile opt-in and engage with your messages, the Unknown Profiles converts to a Known Profile!

This happens continuously. By building rich, comprehensive Known Profiles that have extensive information about their relationship with your brand, providing you with opportunity to create completely personalised, relevant, valuable content in all your campaigns.

In Example

Imagine a visitor entering your shop or website and accepting cookies. At this point an Unknown Profile is created. Now, it’s possible to follow how the visitor interact with your website. The Efficy U Tracking Script will collect valuable browsing data such as pageviews and product views.

At some point during the visit to your website the visitor decides to sign up for your Newsletter – identifying themselves and providing consent for receiving communication form you. This means the Unknown Profiles has given you the opportunity to convert it to a Known.

By sending a welcome email to the visitor right away encouraging them to click a link leading them back to your website. Only now, the moment the Profile land on your website coming from a link in a email sent from APSIS One will the system be able to identify the Unknown Profile as the same as the Known.

This mean that all the behavioral data that was picked up during the time the Profile was unknown will now be available to use when you created personalized campaigns towards the converted Known Profile.

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