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Export Profiles

Export all data from a single Profile in the 360 view, as well as Profiles from a Subscription, Segments or Email Reports. Additionally, exporting Profiles is also available by API

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Export a Single Profile

1. In Audience, Click the Profiles tab and enter the email adresse, mobile number or CRM ID for the Profile you wish to export.

2. Double click the Profile, or click open in the Bottom bar. Scroll down to the bottom of the 360 Profiles view, click GDPR.

3. Click Export Data. Your file download will begin automatically.

Export Profiles From a Subscription

If you wish to export Profiles from all or several Subscriptions, repeat this process with the desired Subscriptions.

1. In Audience double click the specific Subscription.

2. On the Bottom bar, click Export all Profiles.


3. Adjust your export options.

Choose between exporting the Profiles in either a CSV and XLSX file. The maximum file size for exports is 50MB. Need help with a larger export? Reach out to Support.

To export Attributes and Tags for each Profile, click the Add Attributes or Add Tags checkbox.

4. Click Export. Your file download will begin automatically.

How to Export Profiles From a Segment

1. Head over to Audience and find Segments in the menu.

2. Select a Segment or create a new Segment to get started. After creating and saving your Segment, you can see and export the Profiles that match your Segment.

3. Either from the Segments tab or while in the Segment Builder, click Show Profiles on the Bottom bar.


4. A list of Profiles will appear. You will see a preview of the first ten Known and Unknown Profiles.

5. Click Export all Profiles on the Bottom bar.


6. Adjust your export options.

7. Click Export. Your file download will begin automatically.

Export Profiles from a Report

Export email, SMS or marketing automation reports. This example is for an email report but the process is identical for all the tools.

1. Head over to Scheduled & Sent or Active & Paused tab.

2. Double click to open the Report.

3. Pick a tab on the left to select which Profiles you want to export based on their interactions with your activity.

4. On the top right, click Export.

5. Adjust your export options.

6. Click Export. Your file download will begin automatically.

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