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Magento: Enable the Magento Integration
Magento: Enable the Magento Integration
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Enable the Magento Integration

Start by enabling the connection between APSIS One and Magento.

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How to Enable Magento

Learn how to enable the Magento integration in the guides below.

1. Find and open the Integrations Tab in the left Menu.

2. If you are working with several Sections make sure you have selected the Section you want to connect in the top right corner.

3. Locate Magento and click Connect.

4. In the lower right corner click Continue.

Note: If you have multiple stores, we recommend that you create a separate Section for each one of them, and follow the instructions described in Initial Connector Setup below.

4. Fill in Subscription Update Endpoint and Key.

This will allow APSIS One to receive consent updates from Magento.

When subscribers opt-in and out from either Magento or an APSIS One activity, the changes in consent will be reflected in the other.

5. Locate the Subscription Update Endpoint and Key by heading over to Magento and navigate into Stores > Settings > Configuration > Profile Sync.

You'll see the credentials. Click to copy them and paste them in their corresponding field.

6. Done? Click Connect.

Now, A Client ID and a Secret Key will be created.

7. Copy Client ID and Secret Key and save them. Once you close this window, the Secret Key will no longer be available

You will need this information to proceed with setting up your Magento integration.

Head over to the Magento Store and continue configuring the integration.

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