The Efficy Enterprise Node
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The Enterprise Node

Create Tasks in Enterprise based on any data stored on a Profile in APSIS One.

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About the Enterprise Node

Optimise workflows by creating activities in Enterprise based on any data stored on a Profile in APSIS One. Easily assign the Task to the right person while setting up the node.

Setting Up the Enterprise Node

Once the Enterprise integration is enabled the Enterprise Node will be available in the Marketing Automation tool.

Use the Enterprise Node at any stage in the flow after the Listen Node.

1. Locate the node in the right menu and drag it into the canvas.

The flow always start with the Listen Node. Learn how to set it up right here. The Listen Node will start Profiles in the flow. It can listen for any data stored on a Profile. The Task in Enterprise will be created based on what you set up in the Listen node.

In example Listen for File Downloads on your website. Now, every time a Profile download the file, create an Task in Enterprise.

2. Give the Task a Subject

3. Select User Group from the dropdown.

4. Select what type of Task you want to create from the dropdown.

5. Choose Urgency level.

6. Add a Tag to the Task.

7. Finally decide, when to send the Task. Choose between Wait for or On specific Days.

Wait for t a few days, weeks, months or years before sending the Task to Enterprise.

or send the Task to Enterprise On Specific Days. In example choose only weekdays and leave out weekends.

If you like, add a deadline Date. In example 1 day to complete the Task. The date will then be 1 day from when the Task is created. This will be displayed in the Task List in Enterprise.

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