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Enterprise: Sync Queries
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Sync Queries in Enterprise to APSIS One

To be able to sync Queries the Enterprise integration must be enabled and have run at least one full sync. Learn how to set it up here.

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How to set up Query Sync

A Query is a collection of Contacts created in Enterprise based on specific conditions. Learn more about Queries in Enterprise. The Query sync will tag all Profiles in the Query.

Follow these step to start syncing Queries to APSIS One.

1. Head over to Integrations in the left menu, locate Enterprise, and click Edit.

2. Choose Queries.

3. To sync a Query click Start import.

4. Choose the Query in the dropdown you want to sync and simply start the import.

Now, you'll see the sync starting.

Once the sync is done use the tag in the Send to step in the Email tool, to reach only profiles in that Query. Or use it to build even more elaborate segments in the Segment Builder.

Make Query Sync Recurring

Make the Query sync recur during the day.

1. Click Manage to manage which Queries should be recurring.

2. Tick the box for the Query you want to make recurring.

Note: If you make changes to the Query in Enterprise and Contacts are removed from it, the tag will be removed from the corresponding Profiles. The changes will take place with the next sync.

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