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Use Cases for CRM Integrations
Use Cases for CRM Integrations
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Use Cases for CRM Integrations

Reach the full potential of the integration between CRM and APSIS One.

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Use Crucial CRM Data to Create Rich Segments in APSIS One

Information about A, B and C customers categorised in your CRM can be connected with the intelligence of APSIS One Audience. Use the segments for enhanced personalisation in email sendings or to trigger marketing automation flows.

By combining data from both worlds you get a well rounded understanding of your customers wants and needs. Identify, segment, and target your unique buyer personas and create targeted content.


Cross or up-sell based on recent purchases

Enhance cross-selling initiatives by combining historic order-data with recent website interactions.

Cross-sell based on recent purchases. The tracking script can collect insightful website interaction and help you understand what customers are browsing for realtime. Whn you know what customers recently bought and what they are browsing for right now use the Marketing Automation tool to reach those potential buyers.

Up-sell with abandoned cart emails and enrich the content with personalised product recommendations.

Read about 4 easy ways of enhancing your customer journey in this article.(LINK)


With CRM integrations you can:

  • Automatically notify customers when their status changes or it's time to upgrade.

  • Create an activity in the CRM for Sales to take action if a customers falls into inactivity.

  • Cross, match and upsell! Create and send product update emails based on the customers previous orders and recent website interactions.

  • When a new customer is created in the CRM set up a full marketing automation onboarding series to welcome them and keep them updated on their options and your offerings.

B2C use cases

Welcome new customers, build loyalty and identify inactivity

  • Use CRM loyalty data reports and inactive status to identify churning customers and win them back by setting up winback series with marketing automation.

  • Send your customers birthday greetings or special personalized offers based on dates and anniversaries.

  • Set up vast welcome series to build customer loyalty.

  • Identify inactivity and act on it by creating several levels of inactivity segments. Use the segments to start marketing automation flow with re-engagement content.

Optimise internal workflows

Use CRM integrations to optimse internal workflows.

  1. Manage your CRM follow up activities like emails, phone calls and meetings and trigger marketing automation flows. In example, a prospect has just received a demo from one of your sales representatives, this information can be used in APSIS One to trigger a "Welcome" or "Getting started" flow.

  2. Create a specific list of Contacts and synchronise them directly to APSIS One with a tag. Use the Tag as an internal marker for how the customer should continue in the customer journey. In example tag them as "VIP", "New" or "Inactive".

  3. Create Custom Events for relevant, personalised data in your CRM. Examples include purchases, deliveries and data on other custom entities in the CRM.

  4. Sync CRM contacts with Profiles via full sync and real-time sync on all recent changes including Channel Consent mappings and other conditions.

Available CRM Integrations

Head over to the integration relevant to your business and read more about specifications and how to set it up.

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