End Flow Node
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End Flow Node

Use the End Flow node to end a flow and assign points to a Profile who reached the end.

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About the End Flow Node

The End Flow Node signals an end to a specific path in a flow and allows you to assigns a value to each Profile that reaches this step.

It is not mandatory to use the End Flow Node at the end of your Marketing Automation flow. The flow will end regardless.

Any flow without an End node still ends whenever Profiles reach the last node.

However, the End Flow Node allows you to include points about the estimated profit or value that is assigned to each Profile upon completing the flow.

At this point the values wont be aggregated.

Note: Best practice is to use one End Flow Node for each path created. No paths should end with the same End Flow Node.

Setting Up the Node

1. Drag the End Flow Node into the canvas and connect it to the previous node.

2. Click on the node to open it up and enter a value.

In example give a Profile points for different kind of interactions. Assign 30 point for signing up and clicking the email. Assign 10 for not clicking and reaching the SMS Node.

3. When a Profile reaches the End Flow Node the value will be assigned in the MA - Exit Flow event. Find it under the Response data tab in the 360 Profile view.

From this information you can build segments to keep track of your Profiles and create a new flows to personalise their experiences.

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