Achievement Node
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Achievement Node

Give Profiles an Achievement as they complete a specific behaviour and qualify as a lead.

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About Achievement Node

Whenever Profiles reach this node, a specific Achievement will be assigned to them. This Achievement will be added to the Profile, and can be used in the future to create Segments, personalise emails, and customise other marketing automation flows.

An Achievement is stored on a Profile as an Event.

Data Associated with this Event:

  • achievementId: A unique ID for the achievement associated with the Achievement Node.

  • type: What type of achievement the Profile earned: MQL, SQL or PQL. The type of achievement is a part of the Achievement Node settings.

  • points: The abstract numeric value assigned to the Profile upon reaching the Finish node and completing the flow.

  • value: The numeric monetary value assigned to the Profile upon reaching the Finish node and completing the flow.

  • sourceType: The tool considered as the source for this Event. In this case, it's the Marketing Automation Tool (For now this is the only source creating achievements, but we'll let you know when other tools start doing it too).

  • sourceId: The ID for the specific activity that corresponds with the achievement.

Setting up the node

1. Click on the node to open it up and see all the available options.

Choose between achievements you already created or create a new one.

Create a New Achievement

2. Create a new Achievement by clicking the green create option.

3. Choose between Product, Sales or Marketing qualified Lead.

4. Assign Points and Value to the type og lead and create the Achievement.

How the Achievement Event is Stored on a Profile

Once a Profile enters the Node the Achievement event will be stored on the Profile and look like this. Use the data for segmentation and even more personalised customer journeys and campaigns.


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