Add to Flow Node
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Add to Flow Node

Use the The Add to Flow Node to send your Profiles to the next step in the customer journey.

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About the Add To Flow Node

The Change Flow Node sends those Profiles that reach the node into another Marketing Automation flow of your choice.

This means that, even if the Profiles don't match your destination flow's Listen Node, they will be allowed to bypass the Listen Node and enter your destination flow.

Setting Up the Node

Click on the node to open it up and see all the available options.

Simply, choose the flow you want to add the Profile to. In example, send Profiles who did not respond they way you intended to a win-back flow.

Get an overview of the new flow by hovering over the flow in the list.

You may choose to end the flow after the Add to Flow Node, or connect more nodes so that the Profiles continue with the rest of your flow.

Profiles will not leave your flow on this node, but will rather enter the destination flow when they reach this node.

A Profile can be in several flows at the same time. When you use this Node is good idea to think the whole journey through so you don't end up spamming your customers.

Keep Track of Connected Flows

Have in mind that you must keep track of the Marketing Automation flows that you connect.

In example, with an Update Profile Node you may Tag Profiles that have another flow as their origin, or reason for entering another flow, to easily monitor how Profiles move between flows.

You can also use the Goals feature in the Bottom bar to write down which flow(s) are connected to your flow.

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