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Notification Node

Notify the right people at the right time with the Notification Node.

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About the Notification Node

With the Notification Node, you can send a notification to the members of your organisation that need information on how Profiles are travelling through your Marketing Automation flow.

The notification will be an email sent straight to their inbox from APSIS One, and it can contain both a message of your choice and the Profile data that you pick in the Notification Node.

Setting Up the Node

1. Click on the node to open it up and see all the available options.

In example, use the Notification Node til notify a Sales Representative so that they know to contact those Profiles who have reached an important point in your flow and became a qualified lead.

2. Enter the email you want to notify a subject line and a message.

3. Include relevant information about the lead in the message by choosing the Attributes.

4. Choose how often the flow should send the notification. Tick the box to send every 30 minutes or custom the settings.

Note: Email notifications from the Notification node will not be sent until at least one Profile reaches the node. Emails are sent in batches of 10.

The Notification Email Sender address

The notification email sender address is by default, and cannot be changed.


Set the notification to send out every 30 minutes or decide on a frequency that fir your teams workflow

About Profile Consent

Note that you must make sure that the Profile Data included in the notifications is handled responsibly according to Profile's consent.

In order to obtain contact information from an individual, and therefore create a Profile, you must have their consent. This consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous; meaning that when individuals provide you with their information they must do so being aware of its purpose.

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