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Email Node

Use the Email Node to send an Email to Profiles who are passing through the flow.

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Setting up the Node

When adding an Email to the Node, you can either create a new Email or use an already existing one.

1. Drag the Email Node into the Canvas. Click on the Node to open.

2. Click Create an email and get started.

3. Enter Email working name and select Subscription.

Now, time to choose whether to use an existing Email, or create a new.

Create a new Email

To create new Email, go to the Pre-defined tab.

Choose Blank template.

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For more detailed information about the Email Editor, take a look at the Email Editor.

Use existing Email

You can choose to use an Email created previously in Email tool or in Marketing Automation tool.

1. Go to the Clone existing Email tab.

Here you will find all Emails in the Email tool (both drafts and sent Email), as well as all Emails created in the Marketing Automation tool.

2. Select the Email you want to use in the Marketing Automation flow.

3. In the Email editor, edit the Email if you like.

4. Click Finish in the bottom right corner to return to the Marketing Automation canvas.

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Changes made to the cloned Email will not be applied to the original, and vice versa.

The Email will be saved in the Marketing Automation tool's content folder.

Folder & Subscription Settings

In the first step of creating a Marketing Automation Email node, you'll choose a Folder and Subscriptions for this and all your Email Nodes. All Email nodes created afterwards will send to the same Folder and Subscriptions.

You can change the Folder and Subscriptions in your Flow Settings under the Consent tab. Read more about Flow Settings.

Email Report in a Marketing Automation Flow

In the Node Stats functionality, you can see the Email Report as your flow sends emails to the Profiles that reach the node. Read more about Node Stats.

Personalisation in Marketing Automation Emails

If you're creating an email for an Email Node in a Marketing Automation Flow, you may notice a feature that's available only within that tool: Event Data Personalisation.

The inline text editor allows you to use Event Data in the email, which provides extra possibilities for personalised emails for those Profiles who enter your Marketing Automation flows. The Event data available here corresponds with the Event you chose in your Listen Node.

Expand the Event dropdown in the inline text editor and select a data point from the Event in your Listen Node.

They work in the same way as Data tags.

Head over here to read more about Data tags, or jump to Link Settings to learn about all you can do with Personalisation tags in the links of your email.

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