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File Import: Delete Profiles
File Import: Delete Profiles
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Delete Profiles

Deleting Profiles will delete Profiles and all data collected data from the account. This will also unsubscribe them from all communications they've subscribed to in any point in time.

Note: It will take up to 10 minutes for deleted Profiles to be removed from Audience.

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How to Delete Profiles With File Import

Import File

1. Head over to Audience and click Add a New Profile to find all import options.

2. Select From File.

3. Choose Delete.


4. Click Insert File and select the file from your computer. We support CSV and XLS/XLSX files up to 50MB.

The file must contain the a Unique Identifier that can recognise the profile. A unique identifier can be email, phone, or CRM id in order to unsubscribe the Profiles, regardless of what other fields there are in the file.

Unique ID

5. Select the Unique Identifier from the dropdown and click Next.


5. Map the Unique Identifier from the file.


Review your file import selection. If you need to modify anything, track back to any step on the left side navigation.

6. When you're ready, click Delete or click Cancel to quit.

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