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FAQ: A discrepancy in Consent count
FAQ: A discrepancy in Consent count
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Since the upgrade on 30th of Jan 2023, Consent count is calculated differently

On 30th of January, we rolled out an upgrade to APSIS One. As a result, the way consents are counted has changed.

This upgrade is completely transparent and has no change in data. However, there is a small difference in how the Consent count is calculated in the platform.

Both numbers are correct, but they are calculated in different ways.

Before the upgrade, the number of Consent was counted based on the unique email addresses or mobile numbers.

After the upgrade, the number of Consent is based on Profiles with Consent. This number could be different due to reasons:

  1. There is registered Consent on an email address or phone number but without a matching Profile. This situation is rare but possible for example a Profile is deleted using delete API but not the email address.

  2. Multiple Profiles have the same email address will give a higher count

    In most cases, the numbers will be the same. If you are experiencing any issues or seeing different numbers don’t hesitate to contact us.

The benefit of having a Profile count instead of email/SMS Consent count

The old count simply counts the address with opt-in or confirmed opt-in status to give the highest possible number of reachable addresses. The new count, a profile-based count, assumes that the user uses the primary email address/phone number, uses inherited Consent and doesn't require double opt-in to count the number of Profiles.

The new approach will result in a higher count than the old one if several Profiles are assigned to the topic with the same address. But in most cases, it will result in a lower count as some Consented addresses may no longer be bound to the primary address of any Profiles in the topic. This can be the result of locked Profiles, addresses updated using file import etc.

The profile-based count results in the actual number of recipients per subscription which reduce the confusion in reporting in different places in APSIS One.

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