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A discrepancy in consent count
A discrepancy in consent count
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Since the upgrade on 30th of Jan 2023, consent count is calculated differently

On 30th of January we rolled out an upgrade to APSIS One. As a result the way consents are counted has changed.

This upgrade is completely transparent and has no change in data. However there is a small difference in how the consent count is calculated in the platform.

Both numbers are correct, but they are calculated in different ways.

Before the upgrade the number of consent was counted based on the email addresses or mobile numbers.

After the upgrade the number of consent is based on Profiles with consent. This number could be different if the profile doesn't have email as a unique identifier.

Contact us if you see different numbers

In most cases the numbers will be the same. If you are experiencing any issues or seeing different numbers don’t hesitate to reach out.

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