Subscriptions & Folders (C1)

Create Subscriptions to collect Profile's subscription preferences and learn about how to organise your Audience.

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Subscriptions & Folders

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What are Subscriptions?

Create Subscriptions to collect Profile's subscription preferences.

A Subscription is a record of Profiles who has given their consent to receive communication from you. A Profile can opt-in and out to different Subscriptions and give consent to the type of communication and channel (email or SMS) they are interested in.

One Subscription can hold both email and SMS consents.

To be able to communicate with your customers, members, or subscribers they must be opted-in to a Subscription.

Consent is given and removed on address level per Subscription per Channel.

Subscriptions and Folders are created in Audience.

Opting-in and Opting-out

A Profile can opt-in (give consent) to the kind of communication they are interested in (Subscriptions). Likewise, Profiles are free to op-out from any Subscription they subscribed to earlier.

  • Opt-in: Subscribed, provided consent.

  • Opt-out: Unsubscribed, withdrawn consent.

Double Opt-in?

Double Opt-in allows Profiles to confirm their identity through a confirmation email. A feature that secures correct email addresses and high engagement. Learn more about double opt-in.

Organise Your Audience with Folders and Subscriptions

Use Folders to group Subscriptions. Group your Subscriptions by country, brand or business entity. Find a structure that fits your workflow the best.

Try to keep the number of Subscriptions to a minimum.

By creating too many Subscriptions you risk making it unclear for your subscribers to opt-out since Profiles must opt-out from one Subscription at a time. Instead, use the segment builder to bundle your profiles into relevant targets for your campaigns.

Note: If you want to send to several Subscriptions at a time they must be placed within the same Folder.

Data Structure

Quickly get on overview the structure and terminology to learn how to create the best possible setup for your business.

Level 1: Account

The Account is the top level. Divide your Account into several subaccounts with Sections.

Level 2: Sections

A Section is similar to a subaccount. You can consider this a way to separate your work into different workspaces.

Level 3: Folders

Use Folders to group Subscriptions. Group your subscriptions by country, brand, or business entity. Find a structure that fits your workflow the best . To send to more than one Subscription at a time the Subscriptions must belong to the same Folder.

Level 4: Subscriptions

At this level Profiles provide consent. A Subscriptions is a record of Profiles who have given their consent to receive communication from you.

Profiles will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to several different Subscriptions as they wish different communication from you.

Are you working with a CRM system this is the level you match your email recipients to.


Segmentation is a way to filter Profiles into different groups based on the information stored on them. Create Segments based on any Profile data: Attributes, Tags or Events. The Segment Builder will capture all Profiles within a Section that meet the chosen conditions.

Creating Subscriptions and Folders

How to Create a Subscription and Folder

1. Head over to Audience in the left menu and click Create new Subscription.

2. Select an existing Folder from the dropdown to place the Subscriptions inside.

3. Or create a New Folder by typing the name in the field. All Subscriptions must be placed inside a Folder.

4. Then click Add Subscription and give the Subscription a name.

5. Add as many as you like.

6. Click Create to finish your work or Cancel if you changed your mind.

Edit Subscriptions and Folders

Rename a Folder

1. Chose a Folder and rename it by clicking Rename in the bottom bar.

2. Simply click on the text line, and edit.

Remember to save your changes or discard them by clicking Cancel.

Edit a Subscription

1. Edit a Subscription by choosing the Folder the Subscription belongs to and click Edit in the Buttom bar.

2. Make the changes and click Save Changes.

Hide a Subscription or Folder

If you have a Folder or Subscription, you no longer need, you can choose to hide them.

Once you hide a Folder or a Subscription it will no longer be displayed or usable in any new activities or file imports. However, they will still work for existing activities such as forms, marketing automation flows.

Note: If you have profiles subscribed to a Subscription you want to hide, and want to move them to another Subscription, make sure to export them before you hide the Folder or Subscription.

How to Hide a Folder or Subscription?

1. Choose the Folder or Subscription you want to hide and click the Hide option in the bottom menu.

Are you sure you want to hide?

Before hiding the Folder or Subscription we will ask you if you are sure you want to hide it since a hidden Folder and Subscriptions cannot be revoked.

2. Click Hide if you want to hide it, or Cancel if you changed your mind.

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