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Welcome to Segmentation

Segmentation is the driving force behind your data driven marketing activities!

Use data stored on a Profile to group Profiles into Segments that will help you to create targeted email campaigns, enhanced personalization and build brilliant customer journeys by applying them in marketing automation flows.

What is a Segment?

A Segment is an intelligent, dynamic filter and reflects Profiles that meet specific conditions.

Conditions are set by using Attributes, Profile Tags, Channel or even Events like website interactions and response data.

Who to Target, and Why?

Once you understand your customers and know who you want to target, create Segments that represent any group of your subscribers, and start crafting perfectly tailored content that will appeal to their shared interests, behaviours, or traits.

Below, find a few examples of useful segments.

Demographic Segments

Demographic Segments target subscribers based on their shared traits and is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful content.

Create Segments that filter your subscribers based on their shoe size or age, occupation, or income: filtering on an almost limitless combination of factors will allow you to create personalized, curated content that recipients will love to engage with.

Behavioral Segments

Create Segments based on website interaction or response data to take your campaigns to the next level - the more you know about how Profiles interact with your website and content, the more you can adapt future campaigns to their needs.

You can also create Audience segment using Event tool statuses. Building Segments targeting for example only registered Profiles, Profiles who received a Reminder or Profiles who attended 50% of your Events.

Geographic Segments

Geographic Segments are great for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions, and filtering subscribers based on geographic factors is a fantastic way to stay relevant.

If you have customers in multiple countries, make sure they only receive messages that's fitting for them! Tailor the language, the content they'll see, or even offers they'll receive based on location.

More Than One Section in Your Account?

If you have more than one Section in the account, note that the Segment will capture Profiles across all sections in the account.

In example, a Section called Section A has 2000 Profiles and Section B has 3000 Profiles. A Segment was created in Section A, but it was found to include 2800 Profiles, which is more than the 2000 Profiles in Section A alone. This indicates that the Segment includes Profiles from both Section A and Section B.

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