Custom Domain is a feature of APSIS One that increases your credibility on the market. With it, you are able to use your own custom domain names for links inside emails and SMS. Your custom domain is presented to your profiles in email clients as well as the browser address bars. Different domain names on the account, section and Folder level are supported.

The difference

Let's take email links as an example. By default APSIS One uses its own domain name and so in the emails your profiles will see the URLs like this:

With Custom Domain it is possible to turn these URLs into something more legible:

For the web version and landing pages, the URL with your custom domain name is also presented in the browser address bar.


As a reminder, APSIS One account contains sections, and these contain consent lists.

One domain name for the whole account

In the simplest scenario a single, account-wide domain name is configured. Let's say it's All emails and SMS will use it.

Different domain names per section

Now, if you leverage sections in APSIS One, different domain names can be set up for different sections. It is supported to have a custom domain on one, more or all sections.

As an example, if domain name is configured on a specific section then all emails and SMS in that section will contain this domain name in the links.

Sections without any specific domain name configured will fall back to the domain name configured on the account level, If a custom domain name is not configured on the account level then APSIS One's own domain name,, will be used.

Different domain names per consent list

Finally you are also able to configure different domain names for your consent lists. The rules here are very similar to the ones used for sections. If a Folder does not have any custom domain name configured then we fall back to the parent section and then to the account.

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