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Release Notes - 2021
Release Notes - 2021
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What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

November 2021

Custom domain

  • November 3rd: You can now request a Custom Domain from the account settings in APSIS One. Read more here.

Email Tool

  • November 3rd: The steps "Send to" and "Details" have switched places in the email wizard to support the (upcoming) feature Split test.


  • November 2nd: The Login flow is split into two steps to support the (upcoming) introduction of SSO support.

October 2021


  • October 13th: Improved loading speed for loading the list view of activities in the Email Tool


  • October 15th: Notable new API features for getting Duplicate Profile, Profiles in Segment. See change log here

September 2021


  • September 7th: Updating the Tool Page

August 2021

3rd party WooCommerce

  • August 30th: Rommel released a WooCommerce integration to APSIS One. Read more.

July 2021

June 2021

Website Tool

  • June 10th: When it runs independently, the website script can now check for more than one cookie conditions to decide if its allowed to run. Read more here.

March 2021

Email Tool

  • March 25th: Filter by ID feature that allow you to enter IDs for items you want to show in the Email is now ordering based on the order of the IDs inserted in the filtering option.. Read more here.

Magento Integration

  • March 1st: We have added support for Subscriber and Customer delete operations in Magento. See the updated FAQ

February 2021

Magento Integration

  • February 10th: We have improved the consent management so customers can manage their subscription on My Account page. You can now select one default topic for subscribers and additional topics customers can opt-in to. Read more here.


  • February 10th: You can now delete Profiles, and gain greater control of your Audience, all while following GDPR regulations! To delete via 360 view, File Import Wizard, and the APSIS One API, read more here.

Website Tool

  • February 8th: Collect Hidden Elements on your product page and improve the data your collect from your browsers! Read more here.


  • February 4th: New year, new look: We've rebranded! Still the same digital marketing expertise, but with a brand new look. Head over to to check it out!

Email Tool

  • February 1st: We've improved Row Segmentation in the Email tool, so you can now send more complex Emails with a higher number of Segmented Rows.

  • February 1st: Dynamic Assets has has an update! Not only do we now support larger feed sizes, but you can customise what information your Asset displays, and how it's arranged. Check out this article for some helpful tips and inspiration.

January 2021


  • January 25th: Up to date with Custom Events? Now you can create a handy code snippet to post your Custom Event to APSIS One Profiles as visitors interact with your website! Read more...

Email Tool

  • January 4th: Plan your next email campaign with our Chinese New Year themed email templates! Read more about free templates here...

  • January 25th: February is just around the corner, so make your emails stand out with our new Valentines Day themed email templates.

Magento Integration

  • January 18th: APSIS One is now compatible with Magento, version 2.4.1.

  • January 18th: We have added bulk reset options to APSIS Events and Profile reports in the Magento integration, so handling large amounts of data is much easier.

  • January 18th: Customers in your Magento store can now rebuild and restock their cart before they login, making the shopping experience more streamlined. A login upon checkout may still be required.


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