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Merge Profiles with the APSIS One API
Merge Profiles with the APSIS One API
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How to Merge Profiles

This article will guide you through the steps of merging two Profiles in your APSIS One Account.

About Profile Merge

The goal of merging Profiles is to have one complete, comprehensive Profile that contains all the data related to an individual.

There are different ways and scenarios that result in a Profile merge, so take a look at the Profile Merge section to get up to speed.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll show you how you can merge a Web Profile with an Email Profile, or an Unknown Profile that only has browsing behaviour with a Known Profile that has email consent.

These are the two essential parts of this guide:

Get the Profile Keys

The Email Profile Key is the email address of the Profile and can be found in the Profile view as the Email Attribute.

The Web Profile key is the Cookie ID. The ID can be found in a Cookie called ely_vid.

Once you have both Profile Keys (Email address and Cookie ID), you can start merging Profiles.

Need to refresh your memory on Profiles? Read this guide.

Merge the Profiles

Before You Begin

This API does not verify the physical owners of the Profiles to be merged.

Make sure that you can verify that the individuals who own the data stored in both Profiles are indeed the same before merging them with this endpoint.

To make a successful merge you will need the following from each Profile:

  1. Correct Keyspace discriminator

  2. Correct Profile Key

So, for the Email Profile:

  • Profile email address

  • and the Keyspace discriminator

And for the Web Profile:

  • Profile Cookie ID

  • and the Keyspace discriminator com.apsis1.keyspaces.web

Let's merge!

Per region host names

APSIS One API is provided under different host names depending on your region. For EU use, for APAC call

curl --request PUT \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer ' \
  --data '{
  "profiles": [
      "keyspace_discriminator": "",
      "profile_key": ""
      "keyspace_discriminator": "keyspace.apsis.web",
      "profile_key": "123cookie456"

A successful call will return a HTTP 204 No Content status code.

When your Profiles have been merged, the browsing behavior (Website Interactions), Email Attribute and all related Response data will be in one Profile. You can locate this Profile in Audience with either the Email Address or Cookie ID.

Need a hand?

If you encounter any issues, we suggest that you first read through the API Reference. Also, don't forget to make sure that you're up to speed with the authentication process.

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