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Release Notes - 2020
Release Notes - 2020
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What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

December 2020

Email Tool

  • December 17th: We've added some New Year's themed email templates to our library so you and your subscribers can look forward to 2021 together!

Form Tool

  • December 3rd: You can now enrich your Form with hidden values, allowing you greater levels of personalisation and increasing the Profile data you can collect. Read more about hidden values here.

  • December 7th: Double Opt-in for Forms is here! Confirm the subscriptions of those who choose to opt-in to your communications in the Form Tool and manage your consent wisely. Read more about it here.


  • December 7th: Don't need to use all your data? Simply hide Attributes, Tags, Custom Events, and even Sections instead.

  • December 7th: We've introduced a new feature that controls which identifiers can be used to read or write Profile data by external systems, giving you greater control over your sensitive Profile data. Read more about Allowed Operations here.

November 2020


  • November 4th: Subscribers now gain the Abandoned Cart Event in Magento, so your abandoned cart flows will include both Subscribers and Customers of your Magento stores.

  • November 4th: We've improved the use of the Abandoned Cart token in Magento so Profiles can have multiple abandoned carts for the same Magento store, allowing you to target them with several abandoned cart Marketing Automation flows.

Email Tool

  • November 6th: Just in time for Black Friday we've added an awesome selection of email templates, ready to use and customise for the biggest shopping weekend of the year!

  • November 18th: We've added a pop-up message that will let you know if your email will fail to send, allowing you to make any necessary changes first, retry or cancel the sending.

  • November 19th: It's never too early to start planning your Christmas campaigns - check out our selection of Christmas email templates to get started.

  • November 27th: If you track your Email using Google Analytics, you can now use Data Tags as UTM parameters! Read more here...

SMS Tool

  • November 18th: We've added a pop-up message that will let you know if your SMS will fail to send, allowing you to make any necessary changes first, retry, or cancel the sending.

October 2020


  • October 15th: Default Attributes and Tags in your Sections' Data Model are now sorted alphabetically.

  • October 29th: Users can now be assigned specific Section access in the account. Read more...

  • October 30th: You can now export Profiles with their Attributes and Tags from your account. Take a look!

Email Tool

  • October 1st: We've changed the minimum and maximum width of the Elements in Email Editor. Read more about how to resize Elements here.

Form Tool

  • October 1st: We increased the maximum body width for Forms & Pages from 800px to 1500px. Read more about Forms & Pages Settings...


  • October 12th: Magento now has support for all APAC regions!

  • October 12th: We've implemented Subscription level consent in our Magento integration, meaning all opt-ins can now be managed directly from a user's own Magento account.

  • October 12th: In Magento, when a user changes Sections for mapping data, Profile and Events will now be reset.

September 2020

Email Tool

  • September 3rd: New Google font: DM Sans!

  • September 7th: (Beta) Dynamic Assets now include the option to fetch the content from the Asset's source at the time of send out! Read more...

  • September 8th: The Line Element has more styling options, like fixing the length in pixels and a vertical direction!

  • September 18th: Exporting sent activities now include the time zone, time format and date format.

SMS Tool

  • September 18th: Exporting sent activities now include the time zone, time format, and date format.

Forms & Pages Tool

  • September 22nd: All Forms will now be required to have an Input Field Element mapped to an Email or Mobile Attribute. This means that each submitted form will result in a Known Profile, making your Profile data smarter and more complete! Read more about Forms & Pages Profile data...

  • September 23rd: Double Opt-in is now available for Forms! Confirm the subscription of those Profiles who opt-in to your communications. Read more about Double Opt-in here.

Marketing Automation

  • September 10th: The sending interval for the Notification node is now 30 minutes.


  • September 9th: Notice anything different? We have a new notifications icon in the top right where you'll get instant access and notifications about our latest news and recent releases.

  • September 16th: New to APSIS One, or simply need a refresher? We now have a selection of Welcome Guides and short videos, all found in the Information Centre on the top right, when you click your User Profile.

August 2020

Email Tool

  • August 13: The Sent Time data tag is now available in the Email Editor for you to personalise your marketing campaigns.

SMS Tool

  • August 4th: Export sent activities directly from the SMS Tool page in a CSV or XLSX file with one click!

Website Tool

  • August 6th: We now support Google fonts when creating a Cookie banner or Sign-up bar in the Website tool.

  • August 18th: Auto-Collect now collects Event data from visitors who arrive at your page from LinkedIn.

Forms & Pages Tool

  • August 26th: Let's give a warm welcome to the new Forms & Pages tool!

Now you can create stunning forms for your website visitors to sign-up for your communications, as well as custom pages that blend seamlessly with your website.

To get inspired, read more in our website.

For more details, visit the Forms & Pages content in our Help Center!


  • August 5th: We now support Timestamp as a new type of custom Attribute, so you can create Attributes with both date and time in Unix format.

  • August 18th: You can make use of the exact time an Event is logged into a Profile when creating Segments.

Account Settings

  • August 18th: We've updated our APSIS One User Roles and Permissions! Divided between Account Owner, Admin, and (Restricted) User, this update will give Account Owners greater control over all Users in their APSIS One account, as well as their role and permissions. Read more about it here.

July 2020

Email Tool

  • July 1st: We've now released Dynamic Assets! Customise your Email with content from your feed and create memorable Emails.

  • July 6th: Create a Segment directly from the Email Report of any of your Email tool activities.

  • July 8th: Our inline text editor just got smarter! You can now adjust the letter spacing of your text and style your text with a strikethrough.

  • July 9th: Exported sent Email Reports now contain the activityID, section and the user who last updated the activity.

SMS Tool

  • July 6th: Create a Segment directly from the SMS Report of any of your SMS tool activities.

June 2020


  • June 2nd: Your Tools page is looking different. Head over to check out our current and upcoming Add-ons.


  • June 23rd: Product Views activities are now displayed with their activity name in the Segment Builder, making it easier to select the correct activity if you have multiple.

Marketing Automation Tool

  • June 12th: Consent Events are now part of Marketing Automation nodes that listen, check or wait for Events.

  • June 22nd: There is a new way to set up your Listen Node, Check Profile node and Wait for Event node by type of Event. Check it out!

  • June 23rd: You can now stop Marketing Automation flows! So, you get to choose wether to pause and continue listening for Profiles, or to stop the flow completely.

  • June 26th: The Listen, Wait for Event and Check Profile nodes now contain Advanced options, which allow you to combine Attributes, Tags and Events with Segments!

Website Tool

  • June 30th: There's now a limit of 2 Auto-Collect activities per domain/language.

May 2020


  • May 6th: Double Opt-in is out!

  • May 12th: When using your own cookie banner to collect cookie consent, consent is created immediately when the visitor accepts via your cookie banner.

Website Tool

  • May 6th: The Sign-up bar now allows you to enable Double Opt-in in the Messaging step.

Marketing Automation Tool

  • May 12th: Marketing Automation nodes now support minutes and hours when selecting a specific time frame, while waiting, checking or listening for an Event.

Email Tool

  • May 6th: The Email Editor's Text Element now supports Ecommerce Attributes as Data Tags.

  • May 12th: Email tool reports now display a special animation while you wait for the report to be ready!

SMS Tool

  • May 12th: SMS tool reports now display a special animation while you wait for the report to be ready!

  • May 20th: You can now track the links in your SMS when data tags are added as part of the URL. Then, easily follow interactions on the link.

April 2020


  • April 1st: There's new APSIS One integrations available.

  • April 23rd: We redesigned Account Settings!

  • April 23rd: New Sections created in your APSIS One account now have a generic, empty Folder for a quick start.


  • April 2nd: There's a handy Use Segment shortcut to APSIS One tools in the Segments tab, allowing you to jump straight back into your activities.

Email Tool

  • April 21st: Consent for your Email and SMS nodes in Marketing Automation is now located in the Flow Settings, allowing you to choose a different Folder and Subscriptions for each communication channel.

Marketing Automation Tool

  • April 1st: Have you noticed the new Spring templates? Take a look and start sending warm Easter wishes to your subscribers.

  • April 22nd: Consent has been moved from the first step of the Wizard into Email and SMS nodes, allowing you to choose a different Folder and Subscriptions for different channels. Consent can now be adjusted in the Bottom bar, under Flow Settings.

  • April 28th: Marketing Automation's Email node now has an additional option in the Text Element's inline text editor: Event data for personalisation.


  • April 3rd: Profile Import API is released. Read more in APSIS One's Developer Hub...

  • April 8th: We just released the Profile Lock API.Read more in APSIS One's Developer Hub...

  • April 8th: We added support for "Try it" on APSIS One APAC APIs.

March 2020


  • March 3rd: More advanced users can now create 5 additional, generic Events to collect Profile data.

  • March 13th: Profiles now contain a Consent Timeline with the timestamps and levels of opt-in.

Marketing Automation tool

  • March 3rd: It is now possible to restore deleted Marketing Automation activities.

  • March 4th: We just created a new Goals feature for Marketing Automation flows where you can enter a description to stay in sync with all other APSIS One users.

  • March 4th: The Content tab now displays all SMS activities associated with your SMS nodes.

  • March 6th: Activities now includes an Activity History of all changes made for a clearer overview of your Marketing Automation Flow.

  • March 12th: Listen nodes listening for Date Attributes now support Milestone Birthdays.

  • March 13th: We've added a Wait for Event Node.

  • March 13th: The Listen node now supports the Conversion Event tracked via Manual Data Tracking.

  • March 17th: We now support True/False Attributes in all Marketing Automation nodes.

  • March 17th: See the Overview of your flow without having to pause it.

  • March 19th: The Flow Settings now allow for hours and minutes in the entry limit for your Marketing Automation flow.

  • March 20th: We have a new pre-defined flow template: Specific Date.

Email Tool

  • March 5th: Custom Attributes are now available as Data tags in Subject lines and Pre-headers, both in the Email Editor's Bottom bar and the Details step.

Website Tool

  • March 18th: The Tracking Script now supports websites built as a Single Page Application (SPA).

  • March 18th: Complex domain suffixes are now supported for domains added into your Section.

  • March 24th: Profiles that sign up via your Sign-up bar now obtain the new Consent Event!

February 2020


  • February 17th: We've established a limit of 200 unique tags per Section. The File Import Wizard prevents columns with individual Profile data that exceeds the tag capacity from being created as multiple tags in your Section.

Email tool

  • February 10th: Email Reports now contain a section about which devices your recipients used to open or click your emails.

  • February 11th: With valentine's day just around the corner... Enjoy the Email Editor's new love-themed templates.

  • February 19th: Your export for bounces in Email Reports now include the bounce codes and reasons for all Profiles that had a bounce for your Email activity.

  • February 24th: The Email Editor now has a fresh new look!

SMS Tool

  • February 17th: Valid data tags in your SMS messages now convert from ## to in the Preview option in the Bottom bar, allowing you to verify that they will work properly in your SMS sending.

January 2020

Email tool

  • January 13th: You can now export a condensed version of your sent Email Reports from the Scheduled & Sent tab.

  • January 15th: It's much easier to get inspiration and order custom templates from our Creative Services professionals, as there is now a shortcut on the Templates step of Creating an Email.

  • January 20th: Google fonts are now available in the Email Editor!

Marketing Automation tool

  • January 13th: It is now possible to select Achievement events in the Listen node.

  • January 20th: The emails you create with the Email Node in the Marketing Automation Flow Editor now support Row Segmentation.


  • January 13th: You can now post Achievement Events into APSIS One Profiles.

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