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Release Notes - 2019
Release Notes - 2019
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Release Notes 2019 Archive

Here's a summary of all the releases we made in 2019:

December 2019

  • December 18th: Give a warm welcome to the all-new HTML Element in the Email Editor.

  • December 17th: You can now insert both default and custom Attributes as data tags in your SMS messages.

  • December 16th: The Email Editor's Image Element now has an intelligent, AI-powered Image Library!

  • December 3rd: The Email node now has a shortcut to the Report, as well as a Report summary.

  • December 3rd: As one of our smaller but powerful improvements, we added horizontal scrolling into the Flow Canvas.

November 2019

  • November 21st: Product Views just had a makeover! Better user experience and a smooth, familiar design.

  • November 19th: The Website tool Signup bar now allows you to include a checkbox for Profiles to agree to your Terms & Conditions.

  • November 18th: We've improved the Design Panel in the Email Editor with a lot of new features.

  • November 5th: It is now possible to connect multiple nodes to the same node. Also, the Flow Editor will prevent you from creating connections that result in a dead-end.

  • November 1st: You can now move the Listen node anywhere in the Flow Canvas.

  • November 1st: The APSIS One API is now released!

October 2019

  • October 30th: You now have the option to choose a mobile layout for the Icon Menu element in the Email Editor.

  • October 28th: In the Profile view, you can now see which Segments a specific Profile belongs to.

  • October 28th: We've added a pencil icon in the Segment Builder next to the Segment's name to signal that it can be changed directly from there.

  • October 23rd: The Email Editor elements now allow you to include Attributes as parameters in your links!

  • October 14th: When your File Import fails, its status will be reflected in the Import History tab.

  • October 11th: Marketing Automation nodes now contain a link to the Knowledge Base where you can read more about the nodes and their settings.

  • October 8th: The SMS tool Activity Page now shows a timestamp on when the activity was last edited! Hover over the date to see the exact time.

  • October 7th: Profile Event data now contains timestamps with the time of the Event, showing the exact time with seconds.

  • October 4th: You can now rename Sections.

September 2019

  • September 27th: We've released 3 new nodes!

  • September 17th: Email Details are pre-filled with your user's name, email and the working name for the activity. These can be changed directly in the Email Editor Settings or in the Details step.

  • September 17th: Frequency settings are now available on the Send to step of the SMS Wizard.

  • September 16th: Hover over the created or sent date of any SMS activity to see the exact time!

  • September 16th: On the Website tool, you now have a shortcut to the Knowledge Base with instructions on how to Connect your own Cookie Banner.

  • September 11th: Email Reports now include a chart to better visualise Segmentation in Row filtering comparison.

  • September 6th: On the File Import Wizard, you have the option of deciding whether Profiles should be resubscribed to your Consent list and Topics or not.

  • September 5th: Now there's a message in the File Import Wizard about the time it takes to create and update Profiles in your Audience.

  • September 3rd: It is now possible to upload an image to the Image Element by dropping an image file into the element.

  • September 3rd: Filter by tag is now available for the SMS tool Segmentation settings.

  • September 2nd: We've done some significant improvements in the APSIS One Migration Wizard.

August 2019

  • August 30th: Tag Profiles with column value in the File Import Wizard.

  • August 23rd: You can now add an Image Element and enter your image file via an URL.

  • August 23rd: You can now see how many Profiles will receive your SMS according to your Segmentation settings.

  • August 16th: You can now track file downloads from your website with Auto-Collect!

  • August 12th: It is now possible to pause scheduled emails from the Calendar page.

  • August 12th: When sending an email with the Email tool, it is now possible to calculate how many Profiles will receive your message based on your Segmentation settings.

  • August 12th: When sending a test email, and testing the unsubscribe link, the unsubscribe page now includes a warning text to clarify that it's only a test link.

  • August 12th: Themed templates are out!

  • August 12th: Email Reports now support XLSX as a file format for exporting Profiles.

  • August 12th: Preview your SMS before sending it.

  • August 8th: Data tags have a new look on the Text Element in the Email Editor!

  • August 2nd: You can now create custom Attributes directly from the File Import Wizard.

July 2019

  • July 31st: Custom Attributes are now available as Data tags in the Email Editor.

  • July 24th: There's a new feature for supporting language options for your domains and Website tool activities.

  • July 9th: There's a new element in the Email Editor: Icon Menu Element!

  • July 5th: You can now export Profiles from a Segment in XLSX format.

  • July 5th: The File Import Wizard now allows you to import a file in order to lock Profiles.

  • July 5th: It is possible to export Profiles in a CSV or XLSX file, directly from a Topic!

  • July 4th: You can now see Unknown Profiles and Known Profiles divided in two lists, from the Profiles tab in Audience.

  • July 2nd: There is a new tab in Insights: Profiles.

  • July 2nd: Email client testing with Litmus is out!

  • July 1st: We've made it possible to add a new node from the connection between two nodes.

  • July 1st: The Listen node now supports SMS Events.

June 2019

  • June 19th: You can now restore deleted SMS activities.

  • June 13th: Once a File Import has been completed, you will see a notification in the Information Centre.

  • June 12th: Marketing Automation is now shown in Insights.

  • June 11th: The Marketing Automation tool has been released!

  • June 4th: There's a new feature called Frequency on the Email tool's Send to step.

May 2019

  • May 29th: The Profile view now includes Achievements, which are assigned to Profiles through Marketing Automation flows.

  • May 29th: Unknown Profiles are now displayed whenever looking into Segments.

  • May 29th: The total amount of Known and Unknown Profiles is now shown as a number on top of the list in Audience Consent Lists and Topics.

  • May 29th: There's a brand new Bottom bar in the Email Editor!

  • May 16th: You can now Filter by Tag on the Send to step under Profile Segmentation.

  • May 15th: Template descriptions can now be updated, and Assets can now be edited from the Assets tab.

  • May 15th: It is now also possible to add a Web version link! Simply add a link to any element and choose the Web version link type.

  • May 15th: We have a lot more information available in Email Reports! You can see the Profiles who received, opened or clicked your email, and export the information as a CSV file.

  • May 15th: There is a new activity called Auto-Collect. It allows APSIS One users to collect website interactions more efficiently.

  • May 9th: It is possible to pause and activate scheduled or paused SMS activities.

  • May 9th: You can now edit paused SMS activities, and delete SMS drafts, too.

  • May 7th: Website activities now have a feature called Language Options. They allow users to set up multiple activities for the same domain, and display them according to a specific cookie value.

  • May 7th: Adding a data tag to an SMS is now as easy as typing ## and choosing a data tag from the drop-down menu.

  • May 3rd: There is a new activity status: Not sent. It corresponds with email activities where no Profiles matched the chosen Segments.

April 2019

  • April 30th: The Details step of the Email Wizard has been moved to after the Design step.

  • April 18th: The Calendar now displays active Website tool activities in the shape of bars.

  • April 17th: You can now create templates from the Templates tab. This way, you can design stunning emails to be used for your future emails.

  • April 12th: The Email tool Activity page now shows the exact time an activity was created, edited, scheduled, etc.

  • April 12th: Templates now have a description field for users to enter some essential information. It is also possible to update the description of assets in the Assets tab. This way, your custom content will be easier to manage for all of the users in your account.

  • April 5th: We have now added Pre-defined templates! You may create them for future use, whether you're in the middle of creating an Email or want to go straight into template making.

  • April 4th: We have a brand-new date picker in the Segment Builder.

  • April 3rd: We added a new feature that makes using data tags in subject lines and pre-headers more user friendly. Did you know you can also add emojis?

March 2019

  • March 29th: There is a new status for SMS activities: Not sent. It appears when no Profiles matched the Segments applied to the SMS sending.

  • March 26th: Profiles now have fully supportive GDPR Options, which allow you to export and lock a Profile.

  • March 26th: You can now clone SMS activities from the Bottom bar in the Activity Page.

  • March 26th: The Segment Builder now shows the number of Profiles that match the Segment created.

  • March 26th: You can now also see a list of the Profiles that match a specific Segment, both from the Bottom bar in the Segments tab and in the Segment Builder.

  • March 26th: The list of Profiles that match a Segment can be downloaded as a CSV file.

  • March 19th: When you don't include an unsubscribe link in your email, you see a popup warning. In the Email Editor, this warning has been moved down to the Bottom bar.

  • March 14th: You can now preview your email in the Overview step.

  • March 14th: Email Reports now show a preview of the sent email too.

  • March 14th: You may now clone elements in the Email Editor. Find the clone feature in the Element Options.

  • March 14th: Assets can be cloned too, from the Assets tab in the Activity Page.

  • March 14th: In the Design Panel, we've fully redesigned the Assets tab. You can now delete assets directly from the Email Editor.

  • March 14th: Email templates can now be tested! The Test button is now included in the Email Editor's bottom bar for templates and the test templates will be received as "[Template] template name".

  • March 11th: We have updated the device visibility option in Row Settings, in the Email Editor, so you can now hide rows in both desktop and mobile.

  • March 4th: The Activity Page has been redesigned, now showing the amount of SMS credits available and includes a quick access to buy more credits. The new button is placed next to the Create a New Activity button.

  • March 4th: The File Import Wizard now supports custom Attributes.

February 2019

  • February 28th: In the Calendar page, the quick-access buttons now reflect recently opened tools.

  • February 25th: Email details and design settings have been moved to the Bottom bar in the Email Editor.

  • February 19th: We have now looked into the Schedule step of the SMS activity and revised the overall scheduling functionality. Not only is it more consistent design-wise, but there's an improved date picker.

  • February 19th: The Send to step has been updated in the Email Wizard.

  • February 19th: You may now clone and restore activities in the Email tool. Coming soon for other APSIS One tools.

  • February 19th: In the SMS tool, when sending an SMS that includes special characters you will now see a popup to notify you how it will impact that particular sending.

  • February 15th: in Collect Product Views activity, name and category fields are now mandatory. Part of the Mapping step in the Conversation Wizard.

  • February 15th: Also in the Website tool: mandatory fields are now marked with an asterisk (*).

  • February 15th: In the Email Editor, you may now edit list or menu element items directly from the Element Settings.

  • February 12th: New Cookie Language feature in the Website tool. It is now possible to create more than one cookie banner or sign-up bar for the same domain. Useful for cases in which a domain has multiple language support.

  • February 11th: Email reports now contain delivery details: sent, delivered, bounced, opened and clicked statistics.

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