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Event tool: Sendings
Event tool: Sendings
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Event tool: Sendings

On the Sendings page, you create and schedule the invitations,

confirmation and reminder emails.

The two absolutely crucial sending to create are Invitation and Confirmation.

Completed sendings will line up on the Sendings page, where you can edit them at any time (up until the scheduled sending time). You can have multiple sendings for invitations and reminders.

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Invitations are the hallmark of well-organised events. Here is where you set up a nice welcoming and guidance to your Attendees.

1. Select Invitation emails on the Sendings page. Click Next.

2. Select Invitation Template. The Event Tool provides a default Event invitation template that is easy to customise.

Under the Your Templates tab you can chose to start from one of your own Email Templates. There is also the option to start out from a blank template.

3. Complete the invitation by dragging and dropping the design elements on the right into the Canvas. If you need some guidance in using the Email editor, have a look here.

The Event Session start date and start time will automatically populate the Invitation and Reminders Templates. In the Event Details element there are data tags fetching this information.

The Submit button contains a link to the Registration form. If clicking the button when the registration is not available, the invitee is directed to a landing page informing about the Event status (registration is closed/ not yet open/ full etc). Read about the Landing pages under Overview.

Read more about the Event landing pages in Event tool: Overview.

4. In Preview, in the bottom bar, check what the Email will look like in different devices.

5. In Settings, you can update design and sender settings.

Set a Preheader to the Email here if you want! (the text following the subject line in the inbox)

Set Sender name. Changes here will override the sender name set previously for the Event in the Details page (Contact name)

Set Sender email. Changes here will override Sender email set previously for the Event in the Details page (Contact email)

Set Reply-to address. Changes here will override the reply-to address set previously for the Event in the Details page

Any changes in the Subject line here, will not effect the sending. The subject line for the sending will be filled out when scheduling, in the following step.

Read more about the Email Settings.

6. Fill out Sending details: enter Email subject line and choose Subscription (Profiles) from the dropdown.

Schedule the invitation by selecting date and time. Click Next.

The scheduled Invitation email is now listed on the Sendings page.

To edit or delete the Invitation, use the icons on the right.

When the Email is not yet sent, it will be indicated by a number. After being sent, it is marked with a green checkmark.

Note: Remember to create a Guest Invitation Email also, if you have set "Individual guest registration" in the Event details page.

Guest Invitation Email

Remember to create Guest invitation to your Attendees' guests - the plus one. This is if you have activated the option Individual guest registration in the Event details page. With the "Allow guests" option, the guests will not be sent any invitation.

Guest Invitation Template

The Template contains a data tag with the Guest Invitation Sender name, so the guests can see who has invited them.

Fill out the Event details and follow the same sending procedure as with the Invitation.


To have a Confirmation email sent is essential for a successful Event. The Confirmation email is automatically sent to Attendees instantly after submitting the registration form.

The confirmation includes a Cancel my attendance button, so that Attendees can take themselves off of the Attendee list and leave room for other invitees.

Include the basic Event details (time, date, location).

When ready, click the Next button to proceed to the Event tool: Overview.


On the Sendings page, you'll find two types of reminders:

  • Reminder to register for the Event

  • Reminder to show up at Event

Create Reminders the same way you have created the other sendings.

Registration Reminder Email

The Registration reminder email will sent to the recipients on the list who have not yet submitted the registration form. The Reminder Event Templates includes the Event details and a “Sign up to event” button linked to the registration form, just like the Invitation Template.

Session Reminder Email

The Session reminder email will be sent to all recipients who have registered to an Event session. The purpose is a friendly reminder that the Event is around the corner.

Add a suitable subject line and pick a date to schedule the sending. For example, a day or two before the Event takes place.

💡Tip! Send a "Thank you for attending" Email to your Attendees after the Event has taken place. This adds a nice touch to the Event experience. And a good opportunity to include some information you would like to share!


Email Reports are available on the Sending page after the Emails have been sent out (green checkmark). Click on the sending to access the Report.

Navigate in the left menu to view delivery rate, opens, clicks, spam and unsubscribed.

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