The Listen Node
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The Listen Node

The Listen Node is the most important node in your marketing automation flow. Set it up to make sure the right Profiles enter the flow.

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About the Listen Node

The Listen Node will start Profile in the flow. It can listen for any data stored on a Profile. When a Profile make a certain actions or meet specific conditions the Listen Node will bring the Profile into the flow.

Click on the Listen Node to open it up and choose what action should trigger the flow. You can choose between Realtime events or Daily triggers.

Setting up the node

Realtime events

A Realtime event is an action performed by a Profile like a click in an email or a website interaction. This type of data will make you able to act immediately when the action happens. Read more about events right here.

Choose between:

  • Response data

  • Achievements

  • Forms & Pages Interactions

  • Website Interactions

  • Consent Timeline

Daily Triggers

A Daily Trigger will trigger the flow once a day. Everyday the Listen Node will run through all Profiles in APSIS One and check if anyone matches a certain value in an attribute, has a tag placed on them or fall into a specific segments depending on the settings you have chosen to listen for.

Read more about each of the data types, right here.

Add a Segment directly in the Listen Node

In some cases it can be useful to add yet another setting to the Listen Node. Open the Advanced option to add a segment directly in the Listen Node. This option is available regardless which trigger you are using.

This is particularly useful when testing the flow or in cases where even more advanced personalisation is needed.

Read more about using this for testing your flow here.

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