Welcome to APSIS One!

We've made a series of videos to make your on-boarding experience as smooth as possible. We're constantly adding new information and producing new videos, so keep an eye for instant updates.

Introduction, login and setup

Get a brief introduction on how to login with 2-step authentication and update your profile. Learn how to navigate and search on the platform.

Set up Data Sections and Tracking Script

Learn about data sections and how to connect the APSIS One tracking script to your domain. Find out how to define what attributes to track from your website visitors.

Audience: Profiles, Folders and Subscriptions

Find out how to become more relevant towards your audience. Learn about creating segments based on a combination of Events such as website interactions and Attributes such as age and gender.

Creating an Email

Follow this step-by-step-guide on how to create an email activity.

Creating a signup bar

Find out how to create a signup bar and capture data from your website visitors.

Marketing Automation: creating a signup flow

Follow this guide and learn what steps you need to take when creating your first signup flow for new subscribers.

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