The Drupal Connector Module allows you to segment Blocks, Paragraphs and fields. The supported field types are listed below.

Step 1: Setting up a resource for personalisation

In order to set up a resource for personalization, go to the module settings by navigating to Configuration > APSIS One in your Drupal environment and click the button GOTO APSIS One config.

Choose the kind of resource you want to be able to personalize and add a label for the configuration. Click Save.

Now any resource of the type you picked can be segmented.

Step 2: Creating a personalisation rule

Place a resource of the type you specified in Step 1. There will be a field called APSIS One Segmentation available. Use this field to choose which segments should see this content.

If you choose multiple segments, use the dropdown APSIS One match to choose whether the visitor must meet the criteria of all the chosen segments, or if the visitor just needs to meet the criteria of one of the chosen segments.

Supported field types

  • image

  • link

  • text

  • text_long

  • text_with_summary

  • string

  • string_long

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