Custom Domain onboarding

You can request the Custom Domain feature from the account settings in APSIS One. Once we receive your request, we will talk to you to agree on the details. This allows us to start the process of setting up the required infrastructure and configuration. After this is complete, we will get back to you for a final confirmation before enabling the feature.

The following sections describe this process in more detail.

Request Custom Domain

When requesting Custom Domain using APSIS One account settings provide your custom domain names and describe how you want to use them.

For each domain name, tell us if you want to apply it to the whole account, some specific section(s) or just a couple of Folders.

Agree on the details

Once we receive your request, we will contact you in order to understand your use cases and answer your questions. This allows us to initiate the infrastructure configuration process.

Integrate infrastructure

As soon as were ready, we reach out to you with the CNAME records you need to add to your DNS in order for the specific domain name to hit our servers and for the SSL certificates to get validated.


When we complete the whole setup we contact you to confirm were ready to activate the Custom Domain settings according to the details agreed on previously. With your green light we enable it and from now on e.g. the links in the emails you sent after this point in time contain your custom domains.

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