Microsoft Dynamics 365: Sync Marketing List

APSIS One integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM now supports the sync of dynamic and static Marketing Lists.


Customers need to enable APSIS Integration User to read marketing lists. This is done in Customer's Dynamics environment, in Settings - Security - Security Roles:

The Marketing List import also requires that a Full Sync has been performed, so the profiles have been created in Apsis One. The Marketing List sync will tag all profiles contained in the Marketing List.

The tag can be used on the Send to step on the Email tool, to reach only profiles in that Marketing List.


If a change is made to the marketing list and contacts are removed from it, will the tag be removed from the corresponding profiles?

Yes, but in order for that to happen, once the change is made in the Marketing List, it needs to be synced in Apsis One again. The tags will be removed from profiles that are not in the Marketing List.

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