Here's an overview of the data collected by LeadFamly and fed into your APSIS One account once you've set up your integration.

LeadFamly's Profile data is available in all activities and features that allow you to work with Profile data.

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LeadFamly Attributes

When you set up your LeadFamly integration, you can map custom fields to APSIS One Attributes. The values of those fields will be fed as values to your APSIS One Attributes.

If you choose to map a Custom Attribute, make sure that the Custom Attributes you map to Custom Fields in LeadFamly have Read & Write permissions for the Email identifier in Allowed Operations.

Default Attributes will be populated automatically and no extra steps are necessary.

LeadFamly Events

These are the Events sent to APSIS One Profiles by your LeadFamly integration.

The individual provided consent via your LeadFamly campaign.

Here are the types of data associated with this Event:

campaign: The ID of the LeadFamly campaign where the individual provided their consent.

campaignType: The LeadFamly campaign Type

campaignUrl: The url where the LeadFamly campaign is running

email: The email address the individual provided when completing the campaign

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