How to Delete Profiles

In APSIS One, there are several ways to delete Profiles. To read more about each one, click a link below:

How to Delete Profiles via the 360 View

This option will allow you to manually delete single Profiles.

Before you proceed

Deleting a Profile is permanent and cannot be undone.

If a Profile is created in several Sections with the same Unique Identifier, for example an Email Address, then the Profile will be deleted from all Sections.

If you wish to unsubscribe them instead, head over to the File Import Wizard and learn more about unsubscribing Profiles.

1. Locate and open the Profile you would like to delete.


2. Scroll down until you see the GDPR button.'


3. Click Delete Profile.

4. You will see a popup. Are you sure you would like to delete this Profile?

If yes, click Delete Profile. Otherwise, Cancel.

Please note that it will take up to 10 minutes for deleted Profiles to be removed from Audience.

Deleting profiles using the APSIS One API

You can also delete profiles using "Delete a profile" endpoint in the APSIS One API.

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