Static Assets

A Static Asset is a type of user-made Email content saved as a row. When creating Email activities that contain the same elements - headers and footers for example - creating a Static Asset will allow you to quickly drag the row into the Email Canvas, saving you time and maintaining the feel and brand identity of your Email activities.

Scroll through to read more about working with Static Assets. To learn how to create a Static Asset and save it for future use, head over to this article for a step-by-step guide.

Working with Static Assets

1. To add an existing Static Asset to an Email activity, click on the Assets tab in the Design Panel.


2. Choose your Asset from the library. You can search for a specific Asset in the Search Bar, or manually scroll through the list.

Change the list view by toggling between Thumbnails and List.


3. Drag and drop the Asset into the Email Canvas.


There you go! Your Static Asset is ready to go.

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