About Cart Layout Assets

This feature is in the Beta stage.

Cart Layout Assets allow you to create personalised cart abandonment emails!

They work just the same as Dynamic Assets, except for the personalised content for each and every recipient.

Only Cart Layout Assets can be personalised for emails used in Marketing Automation flows. This is only possible for flows that have a Listen node that is set to listen for an Event. You would first create the Cart Layout Asset, then use it in your flow's Email Node.

Placeholders can be used as both Data Tags and content related to an individual, personalising your emails with personal data available in an external source. Jump to Placeholders and Sources...

To take advantage of this feature, you must set up your source so that it can use APSIS One Profile data to identify an individual from your database. You'll be using Attributes as URL parameters to identify recipient Profiles with ASPIS One Profile data.

Read more about using Attributes as URL parameters here...

When entering your source file's URL, simply type ## and choose an Attribute from the drop-down menu.

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