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Sleeknote is the marketers go-to in creating timely, custom pop-ups and forms that are proved to enrich your subscribers list and convert prospects into sales.

Integrating Sleeknote with your APSIS One account combines the power of easily created pop-ups and forms with our brand of signature data-driven marketing.

With APSIS One and Sleeknote, you can...

  • Collect more email addresses
    Expand your subscribers list and Audience data, and use consent data in real time.

  • Track website interactions
    As Profiles merge, track website interactions and gain a more in-depth overview of how your subscribers and website visitors are interacting with your brand.

  • Increase sales
    Convert prospects into sales and watch conversion rates increase as you communicate with new subscribers about what they're interested in.

  • Nurture loyalty
    Follow up with new subscribers with smart, Segmented Marketing Automation flows, and let both prospects and customers know you're there for them.

  • Personalize communication
    A better customer experience starts with personalization - use Sleeknote campaign IDs to target your subscribers with relevant content that they've given consent to receive.

Let Sleeknote do the hard work for you

With an elegant design and intuitive interface, Sleeknote enables all marketers, regardless of their ability, to create impressive and practical on-brand pop-ups and forms on their website, with absolutely no code required.

Sleeknote targets website browsers at crucial moments, creating hyper relevant pop-ups and forms. Whether based on geo-targeting, click triggers, exit-intent, abandoned carts, or a variety of other factors, Sleeknote can be customized for every visitor, in all situations.

Optimize all your data for targeted campaigns

Obtaining visitor consent and collecting data is only one side of the coin. Marketers need to follow up.

This is where integrating your Sleeknote account with APSIS One will help elevate your email marketing efforts.

Integrating will automatically transfer all the valuable data you've collected with Sleeknote directly into your Audience, enriching your data, and expanding the opportunities to create memorable, successful marketing campaigns.

As the perfect companion to APSIS One's data-driven marketing, you can grow your subscribers list, Segment your Audience for targeted marketing campaigns, and convert prospects into sales.

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