Let's take a look at some of the ways our APSIS One users are getting the most out of their integration with Sleeknote.

Use the Sleeknote Campaign ID to Elevate your Communications

Following up on Sleeknote leads is easy with APSIS One's Marketing Automation tool...

Each and every Sleeknote pop-up or form has it's own unique Campaign ID - use this in APSIS One to create handy Segments that represent your new subscribers and which Sleeknote form or pop-up they interacted with, and target them with personalised messages that are designed capture their interest!

How does this work?

Let's say you set up a Sleeknote pop-up to appear on your website as your visitor browses the women's boots - your visitor will fill in their details and give consent to receive communications about any promotions for boots. Create a Segmentation APSIS One using the unique Sleeknote campaign ID to communicate with visitors who expressed interest in women's boots, and target them with nurture flows that matter!

Use all the power of APSIS One to convert these data points into unforgettable communications, perfectly suited to each moment in the Profile's customer journey.

Personalized Welcome Flows

Welcome all new subscribers that have given their consent through a Sleeknote pop-up with a personalized welcome flow.

Create beautiful, on-brand emails using APSIS One's easy to use Email Editor, and ensure each new subscriber gets the same VIP treatment in their inbox, right at the beginning of their customer journey with your brand.

Following up with a warm welcome flow is not only a good idea, it's vital to let your customers know exactly who you are, and what you can offer them. Make a great first impression, then focus on nurturing and converting!

If design isn't your strong suit, make use of APSIS One's pre-designed flows and templates, and set the right tone for a successful relationship from the get-go.

360 Profile Views to Follow the Customer Journey

Whether first time visitors, returning subscribers, or repeat customers, connecting Sleeknote with APSIS One lets you be there every step of the way for all your users.

Integrating Sleeknote means that the wealth of Profile data you have on each subscriber is enriched with each and every interaction. Once your new subscribers have given consent for your communications, their APSIS One Profile will be upgraded with invaluable Events and Response Data each time they interact with your brand, and each time they fill in a Sleeknote form.

Gain insights into how your Sleeknote integration is working, track each interaction, and transform all these data points into into eye-catching emails that will hopefully convert your subscribers into loyal customers!

Create MA Flows to Nurture New Sleeknote Leads

So you've welcomed your new subscribers with an inviting Welcome Flow... The work doesn't stop yet!

Nurture your subscribers and turn browsers into loyal customers that will keep on returning. Remember, your subscribers have chosen to invest time in your brand - reward their support by keeping them engaged with content that is relevant to them.

Use Profile data and browsing behaviour to see how subscribers are interacting with your brand, and create nurture flows that are designed to retain your subscriber's loyalty.

Learn more about the importance of nurture flows right here...

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