From Delivered to the Inbox or Junk Folder


Sometimes an email will land directly in the recipients junk mail folder.

  • Emails can also be marked manually by the recipient as junk mail: depending on the recipient's ISP, a move to the junk folder could either simply delete the email, or send a spam report and block the sender's IP, which will harm sender reputation.


With the prevalence of email marketing, Profile engagement can be directly affected by competition for recipient's attention in their inbox.

  • A mailbox full of similar offers and content from a variety of senders can mean that a recipient might choose to delete your email without engaging with its content, or worse, without even opening! The battle for attention today is fierce, so make sure you've done everything you can to stand above the competition. Check out our selection of articles on Email Design Tips & Tricks for inspiration.

Positive Engagement

Positive engagement with your recipients is the end goal for each email!

  • Designing and writing a well crafted email will result in opens and clicks. These events will be stored in APSIS One Profile data, and you can use them to continue targeting those who have a history of positive engagement with your communications!

  • Positive engagement can also mean your email is sorted automatically into the receiver's priority inbox, or the recipient manually categorises the email with the TINS (This Is Not Spam) button. This will be beneficial for your sender reputation, and all messages you send in the future.


An email landing in the recipient's inbox isn't the end of the story: problems can arise when it is opened.

  • HTML errors in the email will affect how the email loads. With the APSIS One Email Editor, you can create professional emails without writing a single line of code.

  • Consider how your email will look for recipients who read it on their mobile, or have different accessibility needs. Preview how the email will look on a desktop, mobile, or in text mode in the Email Editor, and ensure your communications are optimized for all readers.

Negative Engagement

In the worst case scenario, your email will lead to negative engagement with your recipients.

  • Recipients can ignore or delete emails, or even choose to unsubscribe. If your recipients unsubscribe, don't despair! Unsubscribing can actually be positive - it means better overall engagement, it lowers the risk of getting a spam complaint, and will save you money by not emailing recipients that are uninterested in your communications.

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