From Senders to Sent


The first step is the content. This is everything in your email. Design your emails carefully with the recipient in mind, because each decision has the power to affect the email's deliverability.

  • Consider the text and images in your email, as well as the text-to-image ratio: Are they informative? Relevant? Find the perfect balance between the two, and make sure there's enough, and not too much!

  • Links, offers, and CTAs: These are vital to increase Profile engagement: place the correct buttons in your email to get recipients clicking and through to your website.

  • A/B testing and responsive design: Try to test your email's engagement rate with A/B testing, and ensure you're sending the best version possible. Is the email designed for all recipients? Remember, many people open emails on their mobile devices, so make sure the design renders and reads well on all formats, and includes a text version for those who may have difficulty reading.

  • Be careful of spelling and grammatical errors: multiple mistakes can affect deliverability or future engagement, as recipients might decide they don't want to receive mail from an unprofessional sender. Also, it's important to be mindful of spam laws and Terms of Service, and how they can affect your email's final destination. B2B spam is legal in many countries, but is prohibited in Apsis' Terms of Service.


Who you are sending to impacts your email's journey.

  • Signups and welcomes: the safest way to populate your subscriber's list through methods like a signup bar is double opt-in: ensure you have this feature active so Profiles can confirm their subscription, and will then be more likely to engage with your communications.

  • Always practice consent list hygiene: periodically removing inactive Profiles, keep on top of bounces and spam complaints in email reports, and ask Profiles to whitelist you.

  • Make the most of the Segment builder and build Segments that target Profiles with a confirmed Opt-in status, and send specific emails to different sections of your Audience grouped by their interests.

  • Under no circumstances send to addresses that have been harvested, bought, or rented: this will damage both your reputation and APSIS', and goes against APSIS' terms of service.

Infrastructure and Delivery Plan

The last step before your email is sent.

  • Sending your email requires help from the DNS (Domain Name System), an MTA (Message Transfer Agent - your mail server), and IP addresses. These provide the technical infrastructure to get your email to where it needs to go.

  • Do you have a delivery plan in place? Consider the frequency and volume of your sendings. If your communications are too infrequent or too frequent, then recipients are less likely to engage, and more likely to hit the unsubscribe button. Even the time of day you schedule your sendings can affect Profile engagement! Keep a close eye on your email reports and find what works best for you.

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