To communicate short, urgent messages to your customers, SMS is a powerful tool. For whatever kind of business, sending an SMS messages can easily be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

  • Physical and online stores: Send your customers coupons, order confirmation notices, shipping notifications, and notifications of sales.

  • Run promotions and sales: Get the message out quickly and ensure your customers know about your latest offers.

  • Customer service and feedback: SMS is a great way to connect with your customers and find out what they really think of your services.

  • Restaurants: Automate reservation reminders, seasonal menus or deals of the day, and manage delivery services.

  • Beauty salons and spas: Send confirmation and reminders of appointments, special offers, or gifts for special occasions.

  • Schools and educational institutions: Alerts for campus schedules, homework reminders, and event registrations.

  • Bars and nightlife: Advertise shows and performances, drinks and food promotions, or VIP promotions.

  • Travel agencies: Automate flight confirmation messages, travel tickets, and advertise discounts.

  • Real estate: Alert prospective buyers of purchase opportunities and confirmation of viewing appointments.

  • Doctors, dentists, lawyers: Send appointment reminders and confirmations.

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