Use Cases for Product Recommendations

Filling your website with relevant, personalised content is an almost guaranteed way to get your customers to take notice, and convert recommendations into sales. One company reported an incredible 11% increase in sales, all due to product recommendations!

Take a look at some of the most common ways our users at APSIS One use the Product Recommendations add-on:

#1 People Like You Buy...

We've all browsed a website and seen the header "People like you buy..."
This simple method of product recommendation suggests the mostly likely purchases by comparing the user's own purchase history with the purchasing behaviour of others that have also viewed the same products.

This is a great general-purpose recommendation type that's relevant across all channels in the customer's journey with your brand. It's also great for helping shoppers discover new products they didn't even know they were looking for!

#2 Purchased Together

"Purchased together" suggests complementary products based on what people who bought this product have also bought with it. This is an ideal recommendation to increase order value at the checkout after the cart page, as shoppers are recommended items that are often complementary to the items they're purchasing.

"Purchased together" is also a great way to increase revenue by adding value to post-purchase emails. By showing your customers different products they may want or need directly after their original purchase, you can increase the chance of additional purchases.

#3 After Viewing This, People Bought...

This type of product recommendation suggests the products that customers who viewed this product most often went on to buy. Similar to "People like you buy...", this recommendation anticipates which products are most likely to lead to a sale, based on similar browsing habits of your website's visitors. Your customers will get to browse some popular items they may not necessarily have been looking for, but will most likely be interested in.

#4 Showcase your Bestsellers

Help your website's visitors make a purchase decision by showing what products are selling fast, using crowdsourced, real-time behavioural data of other shoppers. Incorporate product trends, sales counters, add-to-baskets, audience volumes, and show how many people have viewed or bought a certain product recently. This type of product recommendation displays products that are trending with other shoppers:

  • People frequently browsed

  • People frequently carted

  • People frequently purchased - bestsellers

For shoppers whose preferences you may not yet know, these kinds of suggestions are really effective - by creating a buzz and a sense of urgency around certain products, and knowing that they're already popular with a lot of your customers, the chances are good that they'll appeal to new ones!

#5 Last Viewed Products

This type of recommendation is particularly effective because it reminds your website's visitors about products that they are already interested in but havent yet carted. Use a "Last viewed products" recommendation on your website and in marketing emails to target those browsers who haven't yet made a purchase. Shoppers tend to prefer products they've already viewed, so "Last viewed products" is a great way to harness the power of familiarity.

Ready to get started?

Check out Why Product Recommendations? and What Can Product Recommendations Do For You? to learn more.

Head over to our dedicated Product Recommendations add-on pages to start creating your own Product Recommendation now!

If you don't yet have the Product Recommendations add-on, please reach out to your APSIS One account manager to get started.

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