With APSIS One's data driven marketing, say goodbye to ineffective data silos that keep all of your valuable information from interacting with each other.

B2C communication with APSIS One is 100% streamlined and intuitive.

Establish smart Marketing Automation flows that trigger the perfect email at the perfect time, to the right people. Follow the behaviour of your recipients in Email reports, and leverage the data to create a more personalised communication for your audience.

Here at APSIS know that there's a good chance a large percentage of your customers will open your email on their mobile devices, so we've created a forward-looking Email editor that will design the perfect email for all of us who read one the go - you won't have to worry about your communications not loading correctly again!

Here's what some of our B2C users are using APSIS One for:

  • Abandoned cart emails: Up to third of all abandoned cart emails lead to purchases - remind customers what they've left in their carts and win back those sales.

  • Welcome emails: Courtesy goes a long way! Welcome new customers after they've subscribed or purchased, and start establishing loyalty early on.

  • Back in stock notifications: Let people know when your items are back in stock and watch your sales increase.

  • Win-back and special offers: Inspire your customers to return before they churn, with special offers that are impossible to refuse!

  • Seasonal and product sales: Strategise and maximise the opportunities for seasonal and product sales, and make sure your customers return for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or post-Christmas bargains.

  • Happy birthday flows with unique offers and codes: Show appreciation for loyal customers on their special day with exclusive promotions: birthday offers have been shown to have a 179% higher click rate than other emails!

  • New product or collections notifications: Make sure that customers are up-to-date with your latest offerings, and direct them to your website with an eye-catching CTA.

  • Newsletter and seasonal news: Keeping customers updated with newsletters is a great way to maintain loyalty - just make sure you write a captivating subject line, include relevant information, and send it at the perfect time of day to ensure it is read.

Key APSIS One Features

Know when to send the right email with the Listen Node, and Check Profiles for their latest purchases and interactions. If you're trying to win-back your customers, how about the Timer and Wait for Event Node?

Create your Segments! Making sure your emails land in the right inbox is easy with the Segment builder - get to know your audience and create Segments that represent them. Want to make your emails even more versatile? Try Row Segmentation, and filter the content too!

Showing your latest products and up-to-date stock has never been easier than with Dynamic Assets. Populated with data from your own source, with Dynamic Assets you can display dynamic and agile content in your emails, and make sure your subscribers are getting the most relevant content in their inboxes.

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