About Event Versions

APSIS One activities like Forms, Product Views and Custom Events collect Profile data periodically as visitors engage with your website and your brand. As prospects and customers interact with your APSIS One activities, their Profiles are populated with Event data (and, if they fill in a Form, Attributes).

Now, this Event data can prove useful when creating Segments for Email and SMS communications. You can always create Segments to target those who subscribed to your communications via your Form and browsed a few products in your website, for example.

However, this Event data can vary depending on any changes you make. In order to keep Profile data organised, up to date and useful, we create a new Event version whenever you make significant changes related to data collection:

  • If at some point you edit your Form to start collecting a new Attribute, or remove a field from the Form, we will create a new version of the Forms - Submit Event to match your changes.

  • If you remove any Event data fields from the Custom Event you previously created in Data Model, or add a new field, a new version of your Custom Event will be created.

  • If you remove or map a new visual element in your Product Views activity, a new version of Product Views - Collect Event will be created.

So, in short, every time you change your Forms, Product Views activity or Custom Event to start or stop collecting any sort of Profile data, there will be a new version of the Event to match.

When you create a Segment with one of these Events, you'll notice a Version drop-down menu where you can select the version of your Event.

As you create Segments and edit APSIS One activities, make sure that everything is up to date and tracking the most or latest data.

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