How to Edit Profiles

In APSIS One, there are several ways to edit Profiles. To read more about each one, click a link below:

How to Edit a Single Profile

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1. Start by locating the Profile you wish to edit. Need a hand? Head over to this article.

Found it? Access the Profile.


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile and click Edit Profile.

3. Make your changes.

In the Profile, you'll see the Profile's Attributes with their corresponding values.

You can edit or remove existing values, or fill in values for Attributes that the Profile doesn't have yet.

About Profile Attributes

The Attributes available correspond with your Section's Data Model. If you want to create a new Attribute to store data in this and all other APSIS One Profiles, you'll have to fix this in the Section. Jump to Data Model...

You can also add or remove Profile Tags on the right.

4. Ready? Click Save Profile.

If you leave the Profile without saving, your changes will be lost.

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