What happens when you hide an Attribute, Tag, Custom Event or Section in APSIS One?

When working within a Section or the Data Model settings of your Section, you'll notice the Hide option.

This option allows you to hide a Section, Attribute, Tag or Custom Event from activities and Profiles in Audience.

Hiding is different than deleting. When you choose to hide, you don't delete any data from your APSIS One account. Hiding allows you to prevent any users from working with the Section or Profile data inside APSIS One. Existing activities and integrations will continue to work as before. Also, when working with the APSIS One API, hidden Sections and Profile data can still be used.

While you can hide and unhide a Section, today it is not possible to unhide Attributes, Tags and Events once hidden. Stay tuned for updates!

We are working on the capability to delete Sections and Profile data from a Section's Data Model, so stay tuned for updates.

To clarify:

  • Marketing Automation flows that listen, check or update hidden Profile data will continue to work as before.

  • Email messages, both from the Email and Marketing Automation tool, will be sent according to schedule. If these emails have a Data Tag that corresponds with a hidden Attribute, it will not be removed. Any Segmentation or Tag filtering applied to these sendings that depend on hidden data will not be affected.

  • Templates and Assets are available account-wide to all users. If a Template or Asset contains a Data Tag that corresponds with a hidden Attribute or Section, it will show with its Attribute ID instead of its regular name on Preview, and will be replaced with the Attribute value for each recipient. In short, Data Tags in Templates and Assets will work as before the Attribute was hidden.

  • Custom Attributes, Tags, Custom Events and Sections can be hidden. Only Sections can be unhidden today. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Forms & Pages activities will continue to collect Profile data. So, if a Section is hidden, active Forms from that Section will continue to receive Profile data as visitors complete your form.

  • Any operations or calls made with the APSIS One API will not be affected in any way; you will still be able to work within the hidden Section or Profile data.

  • Segments that contain hidden Profile data will keep the hidden Attribute, Tag, etc. However, you cannot add hidden Profile data into Segments. If you remove a condition that corresponds with any hidden Profile data, it cannot be added again while it's still hidden.

  • If you hide a Section, Profiles that contain data related to multiple Sections will still be available in APSIS One, and only the data that corresponds with the hidden section will be hidden from the Profile.

  • All active activities (like Marketing Automation flows) and Section integrations, as well as sent Email or SMS activities that exist within a hidden Section will continue to work as before the Section was hidden. Nothing will be paused or interrupted, and Reports will continue to be available.

  • All activities that belong to a hidden Section will still appear within each tool's Activity Page, with an icon that signals that it's been hidden. You can filter activities from hidden Sections with the Activity Page Filters.

  • When working with the File Import Wizard, bear in mind that you cannot apply hidden Tags to Profiles based on a column value when this specific hidden Tag has been applied to Profiles before. New Tag values in the column's rows will be applied to Profiles as tags.

Coming soon...

Currently, deleting Profiles, Attributes, Tags, Custom Events and Sections is in development. For now, it's only possible to hide Sections and Profile data in the Data Model, and to lock Profiles.

Today we suggest that, unless strictly necessary, you abstain from locking Profiles. Locking Profiles cannot be undone and will prevent individuals from opting in into your communications in the future with the same email address or mobile number.

Keep an eye on the notifications in APSIS One, we'll let you know as soon as deleting Profiles becomes available!

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