Enable the Tracking Script

Enabling the APSIS One Tracking Script in your Magento integration will allow you to gather data from your Magento store and feed it into APSIS One.

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To enable the tracking script in Magento, first you need to copy the tracking script for the Section you are integrating with Magento.

1. In APSIS One, click on Settings, and select the Section you want to work with.


2. Expand the Domains & Languages headings in the left-side navigation and select Tracking Script.


3. This is your tracking script. Click Copy tracking script to save the script.


4. In Magento, click on Stores, then select Configuration and find the APSIS One plugin.

5. In the plugin's last step, Configurations, paste the tracking script you copied from your chosen Section in APSIS One.

That's it! Now your tracking script is installed and you can begin collecting browsing data from your website's visitors.

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