The idea that all of your business' channels and touch-points can be synced for optimal customer experience is, to say the least, bold.

For us, omnichannel is a vision and a mindset, not a goal. In fact, APSIS One's features and integrations can take you from vision, to strategy, and all the way through to execution.

How? With a flexible data model, real-time collection of behavioral data, and super-charged personalized communications.

The only thing getting in the way is how you collect and aggregate customer data. What are your company's touch-points? How many systems do you use to carry on your daily operations? What and where's the customer data that matters most? If you can identify and describe your touch-points and systems, you can make magic with APSIS One.

Now, connecting your systems should paint a full picture of who your customers are and why they are your customers. However, are you after the 360-degree customer view? The reason why 360° seems unattainable is due to the expectation that both past and present customer data should live in one place, actionable and ready for sophisticated marketing campaigns.

If you're after concrete solutions, you must focus on the present and future and not on the past. The clear picture, 360° view of your prospects and customers, is closer than you imagine. Instead of focusing on the past, why not integrate all your data sources and build the future instead?

Looking at your customer cards, subscriber addresses, customer entries and website visitor data may cause some tunnel vision. Zoom out to get the full picture: start feeding data into APSIS One Profiles and get 360° ready.

Okay, so how do we get there?

  1. Collect anonymous visitor data and identify your known customers with the Tracking Script. Then, get to know the unknown.

  2. Connect your systems with APSIS One as you build your customer experience. Whether CRM, CMS, or Ecommerce, integrations are a breeze to set up and get all your data exactly where you need it for your marketing operations. Do we not have a native integration yet? No fuss, there's the APSIS One API.

  3. Monitor and oversee your different channels and how you can maximize the data you collect with APSIS One's flexible data model. Assess, review, and mold to your needs.

Key APSIS One Features

APSIS One Audience

Audience is where your customers' Profiles live. A GDPR-ready hub for all things customer data, consent, and subscriptions.


Get to know your customers through their Profiles. Get insights about what they like about your brand, how they interact with your offering and more. Beyond communicating with them, you'll be listening to them.

Profile Actions

Take control of the data you collect. Create, Edit, Delete, Export, and Edit Consent in your Profiles in just a few clicks.


Digital marketing problems? Solved. Create Marketing Automation flows, Email and SMS campaigns, gather consent, customize your website with forms and landing pages... All without a developer, just write the copy.

Data Management

Trust is the cornerstone of data-driven marketing, and with APSIS One there's minimal work required to stay on top of GDPR regulations. All activities like collecting, searching, exporting, deleting and analyzing personal data are essential to our services.

Behavioral Insights

Got your website ready with our Tracking Script? Great. All visitor and customer interactions are fed into Profiles as you receive Cookie consent. Follow and analyse their interactions and focus on your digital presence instead.


It's not enough to collect the data, if you can't use it to improve your communications and customer experience. With Segmentation, meet your demographics, and see as they fluctuate as your first-time visitors become loyal VIP customers.


Get personal. You know who your customers are, so greet them by name. Combine the power of Profile data, Segmentation and on-point communications and stay relevant. No more dull emails.

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